Relocation of IT systems

IT systems relocation

teamgnesda is a partner who helps supports both relocation projects in the classic sense of the physical transfer of resources, as well as how to migrate to the model of external services.

teamgnesda engages to:

    • Feasibility study of migrating to services based solutions (with an indication of the relevant service providers),
    • Development of energy and cooling requirements,
    • Development of space arrangement of IT and equipment rooms,
    • Preparation of inquiry and conditions of the tender evaluation,
    • Development of a detailed relocation plan and emergency withdrawal,
    • Development and conduct of functional pre and post relocation IT tests,
    • Supervision and coordination of tasks to match the equipment moving requirements,
    • Managing of the process of relocation and emergency plans related.
Your achievements for measurable success are:
    • Reduced downtime of IT,
    • Strictly defined volume and scope of relocation,
    • Assist IT professionals during the relocation,
    • Optimal equipment insurance for the duration of relocation,
    • Professional data protection for the time of relocation,
    • Availability of systems functional tests confirmed the quality of relocation,
    • Compliance with the requirements of equipment vendors and suppliers of Support Contracts conditions.