Property Strategy


Property purchase or renting?
How much space do we need?
What is the cost structure – procurement and ongoing operation?

Which location has the right infrastructure?
Which building has the right floor plan for our requirements?
How do location and building fit our business?

What is the best possible mapping of work processes within the floor space:
Individual offices, group offices, open space?
How can we improve communication and cooperation by individually planning the work environment?
How can we implement our company culture and CI in the office design?

How flexible can we be with the new location when facing future changes?
How can we consider quality factors in a professional way?
How can we quickly make a balanced decision?

Organisations change all the time; floor space has only limited adaptability; property is static and can be hardly changed and any changes made are negligible.
Do you have a vision, a strategy, a measurement plan with regards to your property situation? Do you know when you need to act?
As in any other area of your business, strategic preparation and evaluation of scenarios and planning the measures are of utmost importance. Time is money – the sooner you start working on a topic the more you can save money and create better solutions.

Developing strategic guidelines
Space requirement calculations
Property costs analyses
Building operating costs analyses
Needs assessment based on growth prognoses
Development scenarios
Economic and quality evaluations
Expertise as basis for decision making
Action plan for implementation