Property Search and Selection


The effective property search and selection starts with a comprehensive list in which basic functions and processes are assessed. The elimination process of the properties is carried out in several steps. Only after this we recommend a thorough inspection and subsequent evaluation of subjective impressions.

A space comparison examines the individual properties on the shortlist from the point of view of efficiency of the required rental space. At the same time the costs for investment and relocation until the start-up  are compared which will provide further information about the quality of the properties. The basis for decision which we develop and the documentation of the selection process establish the economic and qualitative results in the defined period of occupation and is at the same time the basis for the contract negotiations.

Development of requirement profiles

Structured request for offers

Evaluation matrix for offers

Space efficiency comparison of the occupancy plan

Comparison of facilities to the target level of the facilities

Comparison of running costs, operating costs

Identifikation of the costs of investment

Calculation relocation costs

Support for the contract negotiations

Complete documentation