New paths are made in office consulting using analysis, know-how, change management and innovative workplace concepts to implement self-fulfilment and social interaction in all days worklife again. The results are e.g. highly motivated staff that stays long-term with the company and represents the company culture.

The process includes two areas:

Next Move is carried out in two processes:

CORPORATE ANALYSIS determines the actual status of the company with regards to external and internal perception.

CORPORATE EMPOWERMENT shows the business new paths to fully exploit their potential and to achieve better results.

Based on the results of Next Move, we develop new work environments Next Spaces which are coordinated with the overall company situation. A range of different factors determine how people communicate with each other, how organisations are set-up and how company’s reflect their brand and how they want their brand to be perceived. All these factors play an important part in the implementation in the space and the property.