End user IT environment relocation

End user IT environment relocation

Migration of workplaces carried out in the framework of relocation projects determines the mass tasks in the area of ​​ensuring the functioning of the IT personal equipment. In a special way, these tasks become meaningful when the relocated environment differs from the typical office standards. This applies in example to the Call Center and BPO. Typically, a group of employees performing the same roles are working in one space. The standard arrangement of the electrical and computer may have a negative impact on the organization in the event of a power failure. By providing own experience,teamgnesda analyze, plan and directs the adaptation of computer and electrical networks to adjust them to the high density applications.

teamgnesda engages to:

  • Inventory of LAN and WAN,
  • Development of energy system requirements,
  • Risk analysis for the new location,
  • The draft of the new access network design/requirements,
  • The draft of the new network security architecture,
  • Preparation of the tender process,
  • Support for proposal evaluation, negotiations and contracting,
  • Supervision of design, implementation, documentation and acceptance tests.

Your achievements for measurable success are:

  • The access network in your new office will exactly suit your needs
  • Secure network, resistant to real risk in new office
  • The number and usage of power fuses fits the needs of your organization